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Ram-Press Operator

Set up and operate hydraulic ram presses to form ware.

What does a Ram-Press Operator do?

Sets up and operates hydraulic ram press to form ware: Positions hydrostone die on bed of press, using hoist. Clamps upper and lower halves of die to ram and bed of press. Connects airhose to die. Aligns die, using pins, jacks, and measuring device. Cuts pugged clay to specified size and places clay on die face. Presses control to lower ram to shape ware. Depresses pedal to force air through die and release ware from bed of press. Moves control to raise ram and release ware from die. Holds setter under ram to allow ware to drop on setter as it is released. Inspects ware for specified thickness and adjusts position of die if necessary. Sponges die to remove moisture and removes scrap clay, using knife. May turn controls to adjust length and timing of ram stroke according to type ware pressed.