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Railroad Porter

Ride the rails, punch tickets, and serve train passengers' every need.

What does a Railroad Porter do?

Are you fascinated by trains? Do you think railroads are the perfect way to travel? Then why not combine your love of rail travel with an income stream?

As a Railroad Porter, you help passengers enjoy their journey, while you enjoy a free ride yourself. Although this is a service job that requires long hours, you have time enough to breathe in the mountain air and capture some high-altitude views as you move from one destination to another.

That’s exactly what your passengers hope to experience, so you spend your days (and nights) serving their every need. Yours is the first face they see as they enter the train. After collecting tickets, you gather up the passengers’ luggage, and show them to their seats or sleeping cars. Then you, the Railroad Porter, will explain the amenities of their rooms, and answer any questions.

The Railroad Porter also asks about preferences. When would you like to eat dinner? What time would you like your bed made up for the night?

Although you’re there when needed, you’re also invisible. That means you sneak in unnoticed while they enjoy a meal in the dining car. You clean up the room, make the bed, and adjust the curtains.

In addition to these daily tasks, you go out of your way to provide special needs, such as wheelchairs, dietary requirements, or medical equipment. At the end of the trip, yours is the last face the passenger sees as they go on to their next adventure. And if you’ve done your job well, they will leave with many good memories of the ride and the service.