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Railcar Carpenter

Install and repair woodwork in railcars, freight cars, and cabooses.

What does a Railcar Carpenter do?

Installs and repairs woodwork, such as flooring, wall linings, sidings, posts, sills, and window sashes, in railcars, including freight cars and cabooses: Inspects interior of railcar to detect broken, damaged, or cracked woodwork. Estimates amount and kind of lumber required for repairs or installation. Measures and cuts required lumber and plywood materials to specified size, using ruler and handsaw or power saw. Repairs or replaces defective woodwork, using handtools. Installs tongued-and-grooved or plywood flooring and wall linings, using pneumatic squeezing, nailing, and stapling devices. Replaces broken door and window glass. May install aisle runners, rafters, and roof canvas to flooring and roofs of streetcars or cable cars and be designated Carpenter, Streetcar.