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Rail Flaw Detector Operator

Operate flaw-detecting machines aboard rail-flaw-detector-railroad cars.

What does a Rail Flaw Detector Operator do?

Operates rail-flaw-detection machine aboard rail-flaw-detector-railroad car to detect defects in railroad tracks and analyzes graphic recording to determine any and type of defect: Synchronizes electronic recording equipment, meters, and other apparatus of rail-detector car or machine, using handtools. Fills container located at base of rail-detector car with paint so that machine will automatically mark section of defective rail. Starts machine and signals worker to operate rail-detector car along tracks. Analyzes graphic recordings to determine type of defects detected and prepares reports on findings. Replaces rolls of sensitized paper and tubes of ink as necessary. Tests electronic components of rail-flaw-detection machine, using tube and circuit tester.