Radiology Manager

Supervise the radiology department's employees, equipment, and procedures.

What does a Radiology Manager do?

Not all work in the medical field involves treating patients. In fact, patients wouldn’t be able to receive treatment if a healthcare facility didn’t have a budget, management structure, training, equipment, schedules, etc., for each department. As a radiology manager, you supervise the radiology department, allowing it to carry out its diagnostic imaging work efficiently and accurately.

The job of the radiology manager is mostly about working with people—both staff and patients. You hire and fire members of the radiology team, such as radiologic technologists, and make sure they’re doing a good job. You sort out conflicts between patients and staff, or among staff members. The radiology manager also serves as a liaison with other departments of the hospital.

Although you don’t usually have to do them yourself, you have to know how to perform important radiology procedures. This is because you want to know the details of what’s going on in your department so if there’s ever a problem, you can know what caused it. And that omniscient gathering of knowledge spreads to the administrative side of things as well where you balance budgets, order new equipment and supplies, make schedules, and set policies.

You may not be running X-rays or diagnosing patients yourself most of the time, but the radiology team couldn’t do it without you. With such important data to be gathered, complex procedures to perform, safety concerns to keep track of, and large numbers of patients and staff involved, organization is key. Someone needs to be on top of it all, and that’s you.