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Radiologist Assistant

Help Doctors with complex X-ray procedures.

What does a Radiologist Assistant do?

A Radiologist Assistant is an advanced-level Radiologic Technologist who is the right-hand man or woman to the Radiologist or Physician. The Radiologist Assistant is an expert in x-ray technologies and procedures but your primary job is working with patients before and after their radiation tests, rather than operating the machines during scans.

When a patient comes in, the Radiologist Assistant will obtain their medical history, assess their need for x-ray procedures, and explain how the procedures will go. You manage patients, meaning that you keep track of all of their information, and see them through the process from start to finish.

You may also perform some advanced procedures, including fluoroscopy, a complex x-ray test that often requires the patient to drink a special solution in order to illuminate their internal organs. The results are like watching a live action x-ray film rather than single images. You then help interpret results from these procedures, along with other various types of x-ray procedures, relaying your findings to the Doctor on the case.

The role of the Radiologist Assistant is a fairly new one, created to provide career advancement opportunities for Radiologic Technologists, and to address the shortage of Radiologists. It’s a great chance to have a more in-depth relationship with patients, master more advanced procedures, and interpret results of radiation tests.