Radiological Equipment Specialist

Repair and maintain x-ray, ultrasound and other radiological machines.

What does a Radiological Equipment Specialist do?

Modern medical marvels save lives every day. One such technological advancement comes in the form of diagnostic equipment. In order to keep all that equipment running in top form, medical facilities rely on Radiological Equipment Specialists. It’s their job to install, maintain, and repair radiological equipment.

As a Radiological Equipment Specialist, you know the ins and outs of imaging equipment, such as x-ray machines, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic devices. You might perform your work in an emergency room, operating room, Orthopedic Surgeon ‘s office, clinic, or family practice. Wherever you use your Radiological Equipment Specialist talents, patients and medical staff alike thank you.

Each day is a little different in this position. Although you work with the same machines, every job order has its challenges. One week, you might be installing new equipment in the recently built hospital. The next week, you might visit six different facilities to troubleshoot and make repairs to a variety of radiological equipment.

Your people skills are at least as important as your technical knowledge because communication is at the core of your job. You ask questions and carefully listen to the answers in order to accurately identify the problem when a machine malfunctions. You’re also responsible for training employees on the use and care of the machines. This means you play the role of Teacher and Handyman at the same time.

And don’t forget the paperwork. The paper trail is always important, so you keep careful records of all installations and repairs.