Radiologic Technician

Run the X-ray machine at a hospital or clinic.

What does a Radiologic Technician do?

Radiologic Technicians take diagnostic images, which could be anything from x-rays, to MRIs, to CT scans, to help Doctors and patients figure out internal problems. Radiologic Technicians also interact with patients before, during, and after their diagnostic imaging.

The typical day of a Radiologic Technician involves maintaining and calibrating the complex machinery used to take diagnostic images, working with Doctors to perform the correct scans needed for a patient diagnosis, injecting non-radioactive dye into patients to enhance their scans, and keeping patients comfortable and calm so that they stay still for the scans.

To do this you have to be technically proficient, plus have good bedside manner. You can’t just be a pretty face that patients like, and you can’t just be a tech whiz that can’t talk to people: You have to be both.

You also do some diagnostic assessment, so you’ll know enough about medicine to make a report on the scan. The amount of assessment you perform will depend on your level of education. However, the majority of the diagnosis and treatment still remains with the patients’ Primary Care Doctor.