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Radio Interference Investigator

Drive vehicles and operate radios to locate origin of interference.

What does a Radio Interference Investigator do?

Drives vehicle and operates radio equipped with directional antenna to locate origin of radio and television interference caused by electric power lines and electrical equipment: Drives to area of complaint of interference or power leakage and turns on radio. Directs car toward source of interference, guided by increase in volume of noises on radio as car nears defective line or apparatus. Examines lines and equipment to determine cause of interference or leakage. Initiates order to have defects corrected or recommends to owner of equipment correction of condition causing interference. May make minor repairs or replacement of power lines and equipment, using handtools. May locate interference by entering complainant’s home and turning on lights and appliances and noting effect on radio or television reception. May attach special analyzing device to radio which measures and analyzes interference noises. May investigate voltage complaints and make voltage tests [VOLTAGE TESTER].