Radio Electrician

Install, test, and repair high-powered radio transmitting equipment.

What does a Radio Electrician do?

Adjusts, installs, tests, and repairs high-powered stationary and mobile radio transmitting equipment, using handtools and testing instruments and following wiring diagrams: Adjusts controls and tests frequencies of transmitters, using frequency meter. Listens to radio range station at frequent intervals during broadcasts to detect flaws in transmission and adjusts controls to eliminate flaws. Operates emergency truck transmitter to ensure its readiness for immediate use. Examines equipment and replaces defective condensers, switches, tubes, and transistors. Tests equipment with instruments, such as circuit analyzers, audiometers, and voltmeters. Repairs components of radio transmitting equipment and intercommunication telephone system, using handtools. May be designated according to equipment serviced as Marine-Radio Installer-And-Servicer; Radiotelegraph Operator-Servicer.