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Radio Communications Superintendent

Direct personnel in maintaining radio communications equipment.

What does a Radio Communications Superintendent do?

Directs and coordinates various activities of personnel engaged in installing and maintaining municipal emergency and business radio communications equipment, and in operating police, fire, or other municipal radio transmitters: Ensures that government regulations concerning installation and operation of municipal radio stations are complied with. Participates in operation, testing, and development of all types of police, fire, or other municipal communication systems. Submits required reports to designated authorities concerning communications equipment status, such as nature of business transacted over radio station, character of radio repairs made or needed, and general condition of municipal communications system. Confers with municipal authorities for approval of major capital investments needed in establishing and maintaining system. Cooperates with fire, weather station, and civil defense authorities to originate or relay emergency messages. In communities where equipment is used primarily for police broadcasts, may be a police officer and be designated according to rank as Radio-Division Captain; Radio-Division Lieutenant.