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Radio Broadcaster

Host your own radio show with guests, music, interviews or news.

What does a Radio Broadcaster do?

As a Radio Broadcaster you deliver news, entertainment, and music to local and sometimes national audiences. The role of a Radio Broadcaster is a bit different from that of a Television Anchor: You are usually speaking to a very, very specific audience. This is because the expense of radio broadcasting is much lower than television, which allows programmers to create niche shows for very specialized subjects.

The Radio Broadcaster may work the morning drive time show, or perhaps function as a DJ at night focusing on club music. Perhaps you will give advice, or maybe you’ll banter with a team of other Broadcasters. You might be delivering hard news, sports news, traffic, weather, entertainment, and definitely music, and you’ll also get the opportunity to do interviews.

Whichever path you choose, you get to really show your individual personality, since it all has to come across without any visuals. The most important thing to remember is that you have to stay entertaining; you quite often are keeping listeners company when they’re in their cars, so be social and friendly, and definitely, definitely, have a nice voice.