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Radiation Therapy Technologist

Use technology to administer radiation treatments to cancer patients.

What does a Radiation Therapy Technologist do?

Radiation therapy is one common weapon in the fight against cancer. But, properly administering the treatment requires educated and experienced staff. The Radiation Therapy Technologist is one such professional. As a Radiation Therapy Technologist, you work closely with Oncologists and Radiologists to treat patients suffering from cancer.

You target cancer spots in patients, which requires moving them into position and making adjustments throughout the treatment. Of course, you use specialized equipment to get the job done, so being a Radiation Therapy Technologist also means you know a lot about radiation and how the machines use it.

That knowledge allows you to answer patient questions and explain how the procedure works. And beyond that, you’re also your patient’s Counselor and pep squad. After all, they have cancer. That’s heavy stuff!

Not only are they weak, sick, and depressed, but they’re also often beaten down, confused, and scared. So, in addition to your technological and medical expertise, you offer a shoulder to cry on and an understanding hand to guide them through the process.

Besides your hands-on work, you may also supervise Radiation Therapy Technicians and sit in on meetings about the patient’s care. You make decisions about treatment, calculate radiation dosages, and take careful notes of the patient’s treatments and side effects so you can report them to their Doctors.