Radiation Therapy Technician

Help Radiation Therapists and Technologists to treat cancer patients.

What does a Radiation Therapy Technician do?

Radiation Therapy Technicians work to treat cancer patients using radiation. They collaborate closely with Radiation Therapy Technologists, who may be their Supervisor. Radiation Therapy Technicians are employed at clinics, hospitals, and cancer care centers, under the guidance of Oncologists and Radiologists.

When you’re a Radiation Therapy Technician, technology is your toolbox. It’s your job to use radiation to target areas within the patient’s body. Specialized equipment gets the job done.

That means you’re well trained on radiation, how it works, and how it both helps and endangers the body. It also means that you know how to use the equipment and maintain it during and in between treatments.

While part of your job depends on your technical and medical knowledge, an even bigger part hinges on your ability to work with very ill patients. Many of your patients are terminal. Some will succumb to the disease. That can be an emotionally draining aspect of the job.

There are many patients, however, who win their battle against the disease and slap themselves with the label of “survivor,” partly because of the work you do.

Regardless of what stage their disease is in, your patients are dealing with a lot. Not only are they physically sick, but they may be waging an emotional battle as well. So you provide moral support and act as Counselor. In addition, you answer questions, explain procedures, and make sure the patient’s medical records are accurate and up to date.