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Radial Tool Drill-Press Set-Up Operator

Set up and operate radial drill presses to perform drilling operations.

What does a Radial Tool Drill-Press Set-Up Operator do?

Sets up and operates radial drill press to perform drilling and other machining operations, such as boring, reaming, and tapping of holes in metal workpieces, such as machine, tool, or die parts, usually on custom basis, analyzing specifications and deciding on tooling according to knowledge of machining: Studies blueprint or layout on workpiece and plans sequence of operations. Selects method of holding workpiece. Positions and secures workpiece onto machine table, using such devices as shims, blocks, and planer gauges. Verifies position with surface gauges and height gauges. Selects cutting speeds, feed rates, and tool for each operation, according to knowledge of metal properties and shop mathematics. Positions and secures tool in spindle. Swings radial arm and moves controls to position spindle and tool along arm over hole center location, to set feeds and speeds, to feed tool in workpiece, and to engage feed. Turns valve handle to direct flow of coolant or cutting oil against tool and workpiece. Observes operation and regulates tool position and action. Verifies hole location and dimensions, using measuring instruments, such as telescoping gauges, micrometers, and dial indicators. May measure, mark, and scribe workpiece. May operate universal-type machine, computing and setting angles of tilting spindle. May work on nonmetallic materials. May operate bench grinder to sharpen tools.