Radar Engineer

Design radar systems used for weather and travel tracking.

What does a Radar Engineer do?

You’ve seen radars in virtually every action and war movie ever made, but have you ever thought about the people who keep them running? Those would be Radar Engineers, and in this job, you’re in charge of working with and overseeing those who design, build, test, and install radar systems. From creating complex mathematical formulas to choosing the materials used in radar construction, a Radar Engineer will use a mixed bag of skills to keep these valuable instruments working.

Radars power various operations ranging from weather forecasting to tracking. Whether the radars you’re controlling are examining cloud formations or following an enemy airplane, they all need round-the-clock adjusting to function properly.

As a Radar Engineer, you work in a specialized area while overseeing team members in other specialties. Developing mathematical algorithms, improving radar efficiency, and fixing technical bugs are all key tasks your team must complete. Each team member has individual tasks they are best at, and you have your own. If you’re the team leader, you’ll direct others on what to do and when, as well as complete your own duties.

When you’re not monitoring or physically fixing the radar, you work on perfecting theories to improve it’s performance. Using a different metal in construction or tweaking the way the software runs calculations can all affect how the radar works. Radar Engineers test different combinations to see which would boost the radar’s accuracy, and which would only turn it into a hunk of junk.