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Racing Secretary and Handicapper

Plan and arrange racing schedules and assign handicapped weights to horses.

What does a Racing Secretary and Handicapper do?

Plans and arranges racing schedules and assigns handicapped weights to horses at racetrack: Analyzes official workout and past performance records to arrange races between horses of equal experience and ability. Handicaps horse in each race by assigning weight it will carry, using knowledge of handicapping and based on data, such as age, sex, total winnings of horse, and distances of races won. Confers with track management personnel to plan types of races to schedule and to determine purse for each race. Reviews application requesting permission to enter and train horse for competition. Accepts application and entrance fee from owner. Registers names of persons having financial interest in horse. Reviews racing information to be published in newspaper, racing form, and daily racing program. Directs activities of workers engaged in duties, such as compiling racing information and assigning stable space. Records information regarding official racing result to keep file on each horse’s ability. Records changes of ownership and submits report to track officials. May observe race to study ability and form of horse, verify selection of entries, and assignment of handicap weights.