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Racing Mechanic

Tune up high-end cars to maximize performance and minimize weight.

What does a Racing Mechanic do?

A Racecar Driver wants two things from a racing car: speed and responsiveness. The car must move incredibly quickly and maneuver easily so the Driver can dart into an opening, move to the head of the pack, and cross the finish line first. As a Racing Mechanic, you maintain these elite cars, and repair them when the races take their toll.

After a race, you talk with the Driver about the car and how it handled. The Driver may report that the steering seemed sluggish, for example, or the brakes seemed a bit tight. Using this information, the Racing Mechanic works on the racecar and adjusts it for the next race. The Racing Mechanic will also perform routine maintenance, replacing worn belts, spark plugs, and other parts.

During the race, you supervise a team of Racing Technicians who perform small repairs on the car. These repairs must be made incredibly quickly, so there’s no time to stop and plan. If a major problem occurs, you’re the first to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution. In this sense, Racing Mechanics are like heroes saving the race, but you keep your cape under wraps as you work.

Unlike standard Mechanics, Racing Mechanics are obsessed with the weight of parts. Adding a pound of weight to a car could slow it down significantly. That’s why when you’re not working on a car, you’re researching parts and equipment and requesting samples to try out on your own. When you find a part you like, you talk with the Racecar Driver about it and you test it together.