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Racetrack Steward

Coordinate and direct racing activities at racetrack.

What does a Racetrack Steward do?

Coordinates and directs racing activities at racetrack: Confers with track management and studies prior racing and attendance records to plan types of races to schedule. Confers with officials of other tracks to plan racing dates to coincide with number of days allotted by state racing commission. Assigns workers to duties, such as inspecting entrants, starting, and judging races to comply with racing commission regulations. Observes workers performing duties to ensure compliance with commission rules and track policy. Approves or disapproves requests of handlers to change equipment on horses. Confers with veterinary personnel regarding horses unfit to race. Serves as member of judiciary board that exercises control over racing participants and makes decisions in accordance with state racing commission rules on such matters as validity of complaints and order of finishes. Writes reports to comply with state racing commission rules, such as recording and reporting all complaints, actions taken, penalties imposed, and voting record of board members.