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Racetrack Manager

Organize operations and increase profits for a racetrack.

What does a Racetrack Manager do?

Most people lose their money at a racetrack. To a Racetrack Manager, however, a racetrack is where money is made. Not from gambling, of course, but from working. That’s because it’s the Racetrack Manager’s job to manage the operations of a racetrack.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a horseracing track, a dog-racing track, or an auto-racing track. When you’re a Racetrack Manager, it’s your office, and it’s your responsibility to make sure it runs smoothly.

Just like a General Manager of a business – for instance, a Hotel General Manager, a Restaurant General Manager, or a Casino General Manager – your goal as a Racetrack Manager is minimizing risks and maximizing revenues.

Doing that requires overseeing virtually every aspect of the racetrack’s operations, including its accounting, marketing, human resources, and administration. You’re the CEO of the racetrack, and your duties therefore include hiring and supervising racetrack employees, managing racetrack budgets, and overseeing racetrack payroll. You also develop racetrack promotions, and ensure compliance with gambling laws and regulations. In addition, you monitor the condition of racetrack facilities, and establish and enforce racetrack rules.

Basically, you’re the racing equivalent of a Music Conductor, and the racetrack is your orchestra: Although you can’t play every instrument yourself, you’ve nonetheless got to direct every Musician – every racetrack employee in every racetrack department – to make sure you make beautiful music together in the form of more racetrack visitors and higher racetrack profits.