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Racehorse Trainer

Get horses into racing shape with intense training and care.

What does a Racehorse Trainer do?

Have you ever been to the horse track, put your money on the long shot, and won the bet? If you have an eye for what makes a winner, you might want to consider a job as a Racehorse Trainer.

A job has Racehorse Trainer may sound simple enough, but is it really easy to make a horse run faster? To the rest of us, certainly not! But to you, it is. After all, you’ve trained hard in the field. Racehorse Trainers have learned how to use praise and positive reinforcement to get the desired results. And with this knowledge, you encourage the horse to strengthen its muscles, take longer strides, and hold its head in a way that increases speed.

You know when to push the animal hard, and when to let it rest. You recognize the signs of fatigue, stiffness, and injury, so you’re always on the lookout for these, and you take care not to stress the animal. Often, horses start training with you when they’re very young. As a result, you understand how they grow and what they’re capable of at each age. Additionally, you’re aware of health and care issues. So you’re not just in charge of behavior training, but you also adopt a holistic strategy in taking care of the animal.

When you’re not working with your racehorse, you might provide training to other types of horses, such as those in the rodeo, or who jump in competition. You also understand young or problem horses, and work with them to streamline their behavior. This requires a gentle hand and patient demeanor. Changes don’t take place overnight, but with time, your persistence will surely pay off.