Race Spotter

Notify race car drivers of hazards and dangerous situations on the track.

What does a Race Spotter do?

Drivers racing around the track at breakneck speed often can’t see farther than the tailpipe of the car in front of them. That means they may not be able to see the hazards that lie ahead. Debris, wrecks, and car clusters can all turn into major accidents, and Drivers must be forewarned in order to stay safe and win. As a Race Spotter, you sit high above the track and notify the Driver of hazards.

The Race Spotter has a contract with one Driver, and typically speaks only to that Driver during the course of a race. When the race begins, the Race Spotter follows the cars as they move forward while keeping comments to themselves. The Driver doesn’t want a running commentary. Instead, they want clear direction when something’s wrong and they should change course.

If a wreck occurs or if there’s debris on the course, you immediately notify the Driver and suggest lane changes or other maneuvers. If your Driver is riding in a pack and you see a gap in that pack, you tell the Driver where the gap is and suggest a lane change.

Sometimes, Drivers work together in a race to conserve engine power. One Driver may push another, and then the two may switch positions. When this happens, you may work with two Drivers at once, coordinating the pushes and the switches.

Watching a race unfold can be hypnotic, but you remain focused on your Driver. The more races they win, the more fame and fortune you may gain. Keeping your Driver safe and helping them cross the line first is your main goal, each and every time.