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Serve as a spiritual leader to Jewish communities.

What does a Rabbi do?

A Rabbi is a religious leader in the Jewish community. In this job, the Rabbi organizes and delivers sermons that teach the principles of the Torah to followers. In the process, you get to know the people in your community and in your church.

This is a rewarding position that allows you to share your knowledge with those who have common beliefs. As with most things that are intrinsically rewarding, it is not easy sometimes. For example, Rabbi’s are challenged to console families who have lost loved ones, and redirect people who have lost faith.

But, with the Torah as your guide, you’re able to find ways to steer your flock towards the right direction. Your uplifting days are the ones where you successfully incorporate the words of the Torah into your follower’s lives. It is, after all, your goal to educate, motivate, and inspire.

It’s your wish that people will welcome the Jewish faith and recognize it for its many inspirational qualities. To see people integrate the word of the Torah into their lives in a way that enhances them provides you a rainbow of joy.

You are there for your followers during the good times and the bad. You preside over funerals and share in the joyous celebrations of weddings. You counsel them in times of unimaginable grief and guide them when they feel lost or alone. They look to you for understanding and empathy, counsel and answers. And you provide it all.