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Quilt Maker

Sew, pin and patch together frontier-style blankets and cozy comforters.

What does a Quilt Maker do?

Quilting was once a task that most women could tackle with ease. Making beautiful blankets for the bedroom was just something they were supposed to do to pass the time during long winter evenings (television wasn’t available yet). Many modern women no longer know how to quilt, but they still want quilts to complete their shabby chic decorating scheme. So they buy quilts from a Quilt Maker.

As a Quilt Maker, you work with your hands to create beautiful, cozy blankets. Quilt Makers may study old quilt patterns, looking for ways to give those designs a modern twist. The Quilt Maker then heads to the fabric store to buy fabric and thread.

You may choose fabrics in a small color spectrum or in one theme, such as books or cats or flying monkeys. You may be tempted to buy reams and reams of fabric, but you hold yourself back and just buy what you can stuff into your car.

You cut your fabric into pieces based on the pattern you’ve chosen. Next, you pin your squares of fabric together (if you stick yourself with a pin, you try not to bleed on the fabric). Working carefully, you sew your squares together before sewing a backing on the quilt. This is no simple task, and you may actually spend weeks finishing one single quilt.

To market your quilts, you may spend hours each day photographing them. You place these photos on your website so people will see your work. You may also spend weekends selling your wares at outdoor markets. You pray for cold weather so people will be tempted to buy your cozy creations.