Quarry Worker

Break down rocks to usable sizes.

What does a Quarry Worker do?

A Quarry Worker is described simply as anyone who works in a quarry, but the real story is so much more. Being a Quarry Worker is a hands-on, in-your-face job where you pit your might and your mind against the earth itself to extract the minerals and raw materials that make society possible.

While some workers in the mining industry favor explosives or powerful machinery, the job of a Quarry Worker is more personal. Using crowbars, sledgehammers, and other hand tools, you square off, pry, and split huge chunks of rock into more manageable pieces. It’s the job of the Quarry Worker to cut huge squares of granite, limestone, or whatever rock you’re dealing with, into the right size and shape, and help get them to where they’re going.

You’re a valuable member of the team, out there, on the ground (or under it), working with your hands to literally move mountains. You can’t do it alone, but the team can’t work without you. You’ll be constantly communicating with Supervisors, Machine Operators, and Explosive Technicians.

This can be a great entry-level job, but many find the intensity so invigorating that they do it for as long as possible. In remote locations, quarry work teams live on site, with long periods off for rest and relaxation. Otherwise, expect to commute to the job site, and live in an area with a lot of rocks to move.