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Quality Control Manager

Maintain the highest manufacturing standards at a production floor.

What does a Quality Control Manager do?

Quality Control Managers are the Zen masters of the industrial production world. They see everything that’s going on, understand its purpose, and make sure that every part of the process is the best that it can be. They also see to it that the final product is as close to perfect as possible. If you take pride in your work and love constantly striving for perfection, then this could be just the job for you.

Quality Control Managers do more than just inspect products off of an assembly line. In this position, you forge the work process into a well-honed instrument. You generally focus on three main areas of the system: controls/processes, employee competence/qualifications, and the so-called “soft elements,” which include employee integrity, confidence, and organizational culture. If you make sure that each of these elements is as strong as it can be, the system will help perfect itself.

The industrial production world is constantly changing. To be a good Quality Control Manager, you need to stay abreast of the latest advances in manufacturing and quality control technology, as well as the theory and philosophy of manufacturing management. Having a well-trained and motivated team working underneath you is every bit as important as having the latest machines and best raw materials.

Your days are spent in an office or on the production floor. You deal with superiors, Foremen, and team leaders. Most work a standard 40-hour workweek, but a third of all Quality Control Managers work 50 hours per week on average.

But the production world is unpredictable. If your factory runs a continuous workforce, you can be called in at any time to manage issues.