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Quality Control Inspector

Inspect and measure raw materials and end products for defects or noncompliance with established standards.

What does a Quality Control Inspector do?

A quality control inspector inspects products using visual, mechanical, and automated techniques to determine whether they meet the required specifications. As an inspector, you input measurement data into databases, write reports about the data, and meet with others in the company about ways to avoid the errors you’re seeing. This job requires dexterity and strong math skills because you’ll be measuring products using various devices including calipers, micrometers, and other precision measuring instruments and then analyzing the data. Quality control inspectors are logical, methodical, and patient. Some of the tests you conduct on products or materials require a lot of steps and a long time to complete. You need the technical skills to read blueprints and technical manuals, and writing skills to report your findings. Quality control inspectors need excellent interpersonal skills to be able to approach people tactfully about the errors you find in their work and make suggestions to avoid the problems.

Quality control inspectors need a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent and ASQ (American Society for Quality) certification.