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Quality Control Coordinator

Develop procedures and schedules for checking product quality.

What does a Quality Control Coordinator do?

Each time a company wraps up a product and ships it out the door, that company puts its reputation on the line. An error in one batch could make the organization seem sloppy, and in some cases, those mistakes could end in lawsuits. A Quality Control Coordinator has a key role to play in keeping those defective items from hitting the shelves. The job of the Quality Control Coordinator is to create inspection plans to check products, and supervise a team of Quality Control Technicians who perform those reviews.

Quality Assurance Coordinators develop extensive plans to ensure that a product is manufactured properly. As a Quality Control Coordinator, you see to it that those rules are followed to the letter. In manufacturing companies, you develop a series of checklists that Quality Control Technicians can follow to ensure that the product is perfect. In pharmaceutical companies, you develop chemical tests to check that the medications contain the proper ingredients in the right ratios.

When you’ve created your testing procedures, you distribute them to the members of your team. Sometimes, you must train these workers and show them how to perform the checks properly. Often, you watch them as they work, making sure they’re doing every step just right. In other words, you perform quality control checks on quality control workers.

Hiring and evaluating your staff is a large part of your job. When a vacancy opens up, you work with your Human Resources Director to recruit a qualified person to fill that gap. If an employee is failing to perform your quality control tests properly, and you’ve tried training to no avail, you replace that worker with another.