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Quality Cloth Tester

Determine physical properties of greige and finished cloths.

What does a Quality Cloth Tester do?

Determines physical properties of greige and finished cloth, employing standardized tests, equipment, and procedure: Measures width of cloth with ruler. Guides electric knife along markings on cloth to cut fabric samples for testing. Weighs sample on grain scales and converts grain weight into desired units, using mathematical tables. Counts number of warp and filling per unit space, using pick counter. Positions cloth sample between jaws of testing machine and moves machine controls to apply force necessary to rupture sample and determine tensile strength of cloth. Sews across sample, using portable sewing machine, and examines stitching through magnifying lens to detect threads broken by sewing machine needle. Creases sample under controlled conditions and places sample in clamp on crease recovery tester to determine cloth resiliency to creasing. Records test results and reports variation from standards to MANAGER, QUALITY CONTROL. In addition, may perform other tests, such as tear test, crimp test, fabric bow test, abrasion test, bursting test, heat transmission test, permeability test, and water repellency test.