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Quality Assurance Technician



Develop a systematized process to ensure product quality.

What does a Quality Assurance Technician do?

Quality assurance is an important part of a quality management system and is a systematized process that keeps the quality of a product or service at a continually high standard. This position is typically in an engineering or manufacturing environment where you test or inspect processes. These processes provide objective evidence and assurance of product quality to both management and customers.

Quality assurance technicians develop needed processes and procedures, and recommend quality levels. You will perform periodic assessments to ensure that you meet quality levels make improvements as necessary. Training others is an important role in this position.

Needed job skills for this position include detail orientation, problem solving, teamwork, excellent communication, organization, interpersonal and teamwork abilities.

Degree requirements vary according to industry, although most employers prefer a bachelor’s degree and a related certification.

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