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Quality Assurance Inspector

Check products and processes to make sure they're of high quality.

What does a Quality Assurance Inspector do?

All sorts of products line store shelves, neatly packaged and ready for purchase. From food to clothes to toys, each product goes through various stages of testing. And as a Quality Assurance Inspector, you’re the one testing them.

The industry you choose to work in defines your job responsibilities. A Quality Assurance Inspector might work on-site at a production facility, gathering and testing random samples. Or you might travel to different locations, ensuring that the standards are being followed throughout the production process. So while Inspector #9 evaluates the stitching on your Hanes, other Inspectors use specialized equipment to check for flaws in materials.

This means that for some positions, science plays a key role. With a background in chemistry or biology, a Quality Assurance Inspector might search for bacteria in a restaurant, or analyze the chemical makeup of toys to make sure they don’t contain mercury, lead, or asbestos.

You might also make sure all the parts on a car are working like they’re supposed to before it is released to the public. You could even evaluate the service a company provides. To do the job well, you interview employees, study the process, ask questions, perform tests, and ensure that the product conforms to safety guidelines.

Look around the room you are in right now. Computers, carpets, shoes, light bulbs, and paint must all undergo testing. Lucky us, you take pride in your work and maintain high safety standards.