Quality Assurance Director

Guarantee that the software a company produces is of high quality.

What does a Quality Assurance Director do?

A Quality Assurance Director’s job is to ensure the quality of the computer software that’s engineered and developed by his or her company. After all, quality is key, whether it’s the mate you date, the food you eat, or the house you buy. It’s not just important for the things you consume, however. It’s equally important for the things you produce — especially if what you produce is software, which is so prone to hiccups that it requires the constant attention of a Quality Assurance Director.

Whether it’s software that’s used to design video games, create text documents, process data, or power complex mechanical systems, as a Quality Assurance Director, you make sure it works the way it’s supposed to work.

To do that, you spend your days establishing and enforcing the standards that govern the software development process, including everything from the software’s planning, design, and coding to its final marketing, packaging, and release.

Perhaps your most important duty is software testing. In collaboration with Software Engineers, Software Architects, and Software Developers, you create and execute plans and systems for testing software to make sure it is bug-free, is delivered on time and within budget, meets requirements and/or expectations, and is maintainable.

Like Quality Assurance Managers in other industries, such as manufacturing, you train employees, communicate with Managers and Supervisors, design policies and procedures, and prevent and solve problems. Basically, then, you’re the software equivalent of a Firefighter: It’s your job to look for figurative “smoke” — broken code, for example, or buggy software — and then prevent or put out the fire that’s causing it!