Quality Assurance Auditor

Inspect all types of products to make sure they are up to standard.

What does a Quality Assurance Auditor do?

As a Quality Assurance Auditor, you test goods and operations to make sure they meet standards. Companies depend on your knowledge and thoroughness because you provide the final check before their products hit the marketplace. Whether you are an in-house Auditor or work for an outside firm, you’re the company’s quality control expert.

It’s critical that the Quality Assurance Auditor has a deep understanding of industry standards and federal regulations. This is especially important when testing the quality of food and medical products. As a Quality Assurance Auditor you might be responsible for ensuring that a prescription heart medication meets the United States Food and Drug Administration’s regulations. Similarly, you could be testing anything from boxed macaroni and cheese to bubbling champagne.

Essentially, you’re verifying that what’s described on the packaging matches what the product actually is. So, many non-food and non-drug companies also employ Quality Assurance Auditors.

You may work for an electronics company, looking at laptops or microwaves. Or, you could be employed by anything from the automobile industry to the apparel industry. Consumers expect those products to be up to snuff, too.

No matter the industry you end up in, you’ll conduct at least some tests from a laboratory and keep track of large amounts of data. So, you must be incredibly detail-oriented and organized. You’re very observant-it’s your job to notice any nonconformity in quality, after all.

Plus, you need strong communication skills, both verbal and written. That way, you’re able to explain what the product’s defects are. The public counts on you for their safety and satisfaction.