Putty Tinter Maker

Set up and operate machines to mix, color, and mold putty.

What does a Putty Tinter Maker do?

Sets up and operates machines and equipment to mix, color, and mold putty, according to specifications: Weighs and measures ingredients and dumps them into kettle, using power lift. Lowers agitators into kettle of putty mix and starts them to combine ingredients. Adds colored paste paints to putty mix to tint putty to desired shade. Withdraws sample, prepares smear, and compares it with standards. Lowers suction pump into kettle and pumps mix into molding-machine tank. Sets up and operates molding machine that forms putty into crayon-like applicators. Off bears product from discharge chute to boxes or storage shelves. Records mixing, coloring, and molding time on production records.