Purification Operator II

Control gas-scrubbing and related equipment to remove impurities.

What does a Purification Operator II do?

Controls gas-scrubbing and related equipment to remove impurities from gases: Observes temperature, flow, pressure gauges, and liquid-level indicators and moves controls to effect operating equilibrium in equipment, according to plant procedure and correlation of instrument readings. Observes gas-scrubbing fluid through sight glasses to determine process efficiency, indicated by color and flow rate of fluid. Turns valves to maintain brine in brine scrubber at specified strength and regulate temperature of hot water in scrubber jacket, according to indicated efficiency of scrubbing fluid. Inspects pumps, motors, valves, and related equipment and replaces packing in column scrubbers and nitrogen-drying columns at specified intervals with acid, calcium chloride, or brine. Draws samples of gases and fluids for laboratory analysis. Maintains log of gauge readings and results of laboratory analyses. Directs activities of PURIFICATION-OPERATOR HELPER 551.465-010.