Purification Operator I

Tend equipment that separate hydrocarbons from coal tar derivatives.

What does a Purification Operator I do?

Tends equipment that separates hydrocarbons from coal tar derivatives: Opens valves and starts pump to transfer slurry of hydrocarbons into tank containing organic solvent. Adjusts steam valves to heat solution to specified temperature. Opens water valves to cool solution and promote crystallization of hydrocarbon. Pumps solvent into reclaim tanks, and pumps slurry or hydrocarbon crystals to centrifugal drier. Starts centrifugal drier to remove remaining solvent from hydrocarbon crystals. Discharges hydrocarbon into loading hopper. Records production data in log. May be designated according to specific hydrocarbon processed as Anthracene Operator. May tend equipment that clarifies creosol derived from coal tar and be designated Clarification Operator.