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Punch Press Operator

Tend punch press machines that punch holes in hardboard panels.

What does a Punch Press Operator do?

Tends punch press machine that punches holes in hardboard panels to make pegboard panels: Reads work schedule to ascertain production information, such as size, type, and quantity of panels to be processed. Adjusts panel guides on machine table, according to production information, using handtools. Presses buttons to start machine, pulls panels from stack, aligns panels against guides on machine table, and pushes panels against feed rollers of machine. Measures first panel of each stack of hardboards to verify specified measurements, and feels edges of holes in pegboard panels to determine sharpness of punch press. Observes machine operation to detect malfunction of machine parts and notifies supervisor when punch dies need changing or machine malfunctions occur. Lubricates specified sections of machine, using grease gun and oilcan. Bands stacks of pegboards for storage, using steel banding ribbons, clips, and strapping tool.