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Punch-Press Operator II

Tend one or more power presses that trim or punch metal or plastic stocks.

What does a Punch-Press Operator II do?

Tends one or more power presses that trim, punch, shape, notch, draw, or crimp metal, composite materials, or plastic stock between preset dies: Places workpiece against fixtures or stops on machine bed and under machine die, or threads roll of metal into jig. Starts press and monitors machine operation to detect misalignment or malfunction. Inspects parts visually, or with fixed gauges to verify conformance to specifications or to detect fabrication defects. May be designated according to product machined as Sprue-Cutting-Press Operator; or function of machine as Forming-Press Operator II; Trimming-Press Operator; or according to type of press operated as Multiple-Punch-Press Operator II.