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Punch-Press Operator I

Set up and operate power presses to trim or punch metal or plastic stocks.

What does a Punch-Press Operator I do?

Sets up and operates power press to trim, punch, shape, notch, draw, or crimp metal, composite, or plastic stock: Assembles, installs, and aligns dies in press according to specifications, using feelers, shims, templates, bolts, clamps, and wrenches. Adjusts ram stroke to specified length. Positions workpiece against fixtures or stops on machine bed or on die. Starts press and observes operation to detect misalignment or malfunction. Inspects workpieces for conformance to specifications, visually or using gauges or templates, and adjusts machine to correct errors. May clean and lubricate machines. May be designated according to type of machine as Multiple-Punch-Press Operator I; or by function of machine as Draw-Press Operator; Forming-Press Operator I; Straightening-Press Operator I; Stretching-Press Operator.