Pump Installer

Assemble and attach compressors to existing pipe systems.

What does a Pump Installer do?

In many cases, liquids move along through the force of gravity alone. But when they need a little push to move quickly, or when they’re resistant to moving in the first place, a pump is used. Your job as a Pump Installer is to put those pumps in place.

A Pump Installer may work for a landscaping company, an oil-producing company, or a city’s water bureau. Pump Installers will likely have a company vehicle to drive around, and you spend a large part of your day out in the field. You may not even have a desk to decorate with photos of your family and your cat.

When you’re installing a brand-new pump system, you’re given a set of drawings that detail where the pump should be placed and where the liquid should be pumped. You get to work assembling the pump, attaching it to the existing network of pipes, and clamping them together securely. You also make sure the pump is properly lubricated.

You then turn it on and make sure its moving pieces aren’t rubbing together. You may adjust levers and valves to increase or decrease the amount of fluid going into or out of the pump, so it’s running at capacity but isn’t in danger of overheating.

Sometimes, you’re called to repair an existing pump line that’s broken or not working properly. First, you watch the pump at work to determine the cause of the problem. You then remove the pump from the line, take it apart, and look for damaged parts. When you’ve repaired the pump, you install it once more.