Pulverizing and Sifting Operator

Tend mechanical equipment that pulverizes ingredients of propellant.

What does a Pulverizing and Sifting Operator do?

Tends mechanical equipment, such as jaw crusher, disintegrator, ball mill, swing hammer mill, agitator sifter, and silk screen shakers that pulverize and sift ingredients of propellent and priming powders preparatory to blending: Feeds raw material into machine or hopper, using hands or scoop. Adjusts machines to reduce material to granules of desired size by turning screw, using spanner wrench, to adjust space between reciprocating crusher jaws, or turning rheostat to regulate vibrator speed controlling rate of flow into disintegrator, or changing number of balls or hammers in mills, depending on type of machine used. Tends agitator-sifter to sift pulverized ingredients to obtain granules within specified grain size in desired proportions. Sends sample to laboratory and computes quantity of individual grain size to be added or screened out to bring blend to acceptable proportions. Changes screens, using wrench, to produce desired size granules. Pours sifted material into drum and rolls drum on floor to blend material. Tends shaker machine to sift pulverized glass through silk screen for blending in priming mixture. May hand blend priming compounds.