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Pulverizer Mill Operator

Operate machines to prechop and pulverize vulcanized scrap rubbers.

What does a Pulverizer Mill Operator do?

Operates machine to prechop and pulverize vulcanized scrap rubber for reuse: Transfers material between storage and work areas on pallet, using forklift truck. Starts prechopper, pulverizer, and connecting conveyor. Places box on scale under discharge hopper of pulverizer to load ground material to specified weight. Loads scrap into prechop hopper, selecting it according to specified type, compound, and color. Examines scrap while loading and removes foreign matter, such as metal, cloth, and plastic. Observes thermometers and dials for room and exhaust temperatures and amperage used. Adjusts speed of conveyor feed to pulverizer to avoid overloading and prevent overheating and burning material. Observes temperature indicators on control panel of water cooling system and air vents, turns valve to adjust water flow, and opens ports to increase airflow to cool machine jacket or grinding stock. Examines ground rubber for size and adjusts gap of discharge opening to prevent rubber from passing until ground to desired fineness. Observes magnetic grid at mouth of pulverizer that screens pellets to remove any metal missed on visual inspection. Removes screen and wipes off accumulated metal, using cloth. Folds and tapes filled box top, and marks weight and compound number on box. Posts amount and type of ground rubber processed to production record.