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Tend machines that reduce broke or dry pulp sheets to pulp or slurry.

What does a Pulper do?

Tends machine that reduces broke or dry pulp sheets to pulp or slurry for use in making paper, wallboard, or related products: Dumps broke or pulp sheets onto conveyor or into vat to fill pulper machine. Pushes buttons and turns valves to admit water, ink removing solution, and steam that softens material to specified consistency. Starts beating machine that reduces material to pulp. Observes and monitors material, dials, or charts to ensure specified consistency of pulp. Opens discharge gate or starts pump to dump or transport pulp to storage or to other processes. May catch pulp in broke boxes and push boxes to beater engines. May push cart loads of broke from paper machines to pulper. May be designated according to material reduced as Broke-Beater Tender; or according to type of machine used as Hydropulper.