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Pulper Tender

Tend machines that extract juice.

What does a Pulper Tender do?

Tends machine that extracts juice, and separates seeds and pulp from fresh and precooked fruits, berries, and tomatoes: Places containers under discharge outlets of pulping machine to receive juice, seeds, and pulp. Starts equipment to pump or convey material through machines or dumps fruit, berries, or vegetables in machine hopper. Observes passage of juice flowing from discharge outlet to ensure that juice is free of pulp and seeds. Removes filled containers from discharge outlets. Replaces damaged or clogged filter screen, using handtools. May adjust paddles in machine, using wrench. May add measured amounts of salt to tomato juice. May heat berries in open kettle prior to processing in pulping machine. May clean and sterilize machine, using steam hose. May be designated according to product pulped as Tomato-Pulper Operator.