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Pulp Drier Firer

Tend drum-type rotary driers to remove moisture from beet pulps.

What does a Pulp Drier Firer do?

Tends drum-type rotary driers and heating kilns, from central control station, to remove moisture from beet pulp and molasses mixture being processed into cattle fodder: Moves controls to admit fuel and air into kiln and ignite fire in kiln. Adjusts controls to obtain specified temperature in drier drum. Starts scrolls, elevators, and belt conveyors. Observes panelboard gauges and automatic recorder readings and moves controls to regulate drier temperature and rotation speed of drier drum according to moisture content of pulp-molasses mixture. Feels processed pulp to ensure that drying process meets specifications. Takes readings from conveyor scale to ascertain tonnage of fodder produced. Records production and operating data in station log. Collects samples of cattle fodder produced for laboratory analysis.