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Pulp Bleacher

Control equipment to bleach pulps.

What does a Pulp Bleacher do?

Controls equipment to bleach pulp: Starts pumps and adjusts controls to regulate flow of pulp to chlorination towers, bleaching and soaking tanks, and pulp washers, according to specified bleaching sequence. Opens valves to allow metered flow of such chemicals as liquid and gaseous chlorine, sulfur dioxide gas, caustic soda, hypochlorite, and peroxide into pulp, according to bleaching specifications. Starts agitators to mix pulp and chemicals. Tends cylinder washers to wash soluble impurities and excess bleach from pulp after each bleaching operation. Adjusts controls to ensure that pulp bleaching meets specifications, according to laboratory test reports. Starts equipment to pump bleached pulp to storage. May make titration tests. May test whiteness of pulp, using reflectance meter. May tend decker machines that thicken pulp. May be designated according to pulp-making process as Bleacher, Groundwood Pulp; Bleacher, Kraft Pulp; Bleacher, Sulfite Pulp.