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Pulp and Paper Tester

Test samples of each batch of pulp and run of paper.

What does a Pulp and Paper Tester do?

Tests samples of each batch of pulp and run of paper, using standard testing equipment and chemical analyses to control quality and uniformity of products: Measures acidity of pulp, using pH meter. Measures weight, thickness, and bulk of standard paper sample, using micrometer and scales. Determines liquor content of pulp, using standard chemical analyses. Makes hand sheet from pulp, using wire screen, press, and drying oven. Counts dirt specks in unit area of sheet, using microscope. Tests hand sheet and paper samples for bursting, tearing, and folding strength, using specified test equipment. Measures brightness of hand sheet and paper, using reflectance meter and compares color with standard colors. Records test data and prepares report for machine operators. May be designated according to product tested as Paper Tester; Pulp Tester; or according to processing stage as Dry-End Tester; Wet-End Tester.