Publishing Marketing Associate

Help promote and sell published materials.

What does a Publishing Marketing Associate do?

Writers and Editors might get most of the credit, but there’s so much other work that needs to get done in order to distribute and sell a publication. As a Publishing Marketing Associate, you focus on marketing books, magazines, or educational materials.

What does marketing a publication actually mean in your day-to-day life? As a Publishing Marketing Associate, you’ll reach out to libraries, book distributors, bookstores, and universities to discuss why their readers might want your product. The Publishing Marketing Associate will create reports of how sales have gone, and keep track of competing Publishers. You’ll come up with strategies to make content more relevant to certain audiences, like Teachers, stay-at-home parents, or Athletes.

Part of your job is to act as a liaison between the company and the public. You’ll answer phone calls and emails from customers. You may be at the helm of the company’s social media accounts, using online connections to spread the word about the products. And in the offline world, you’ll represent the Publisher at conventions.

You might not get a fancy byline or a Pulitzer, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the publications wouldn’t have made into the hands of readers if it weren’t for you.