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Get good media coverage for your clients.

What does a Publicist do?

As a publicist your main duty is to generate press coverage for your client who will most likely be some kind of public figure. You work as a middleman between the press and who or what they’re writing about.

Although this sounds similar to the role of a public relations representative, the two roles are actually somewhat different: A PR Rep will craft a story rather than just deliver it. The two may work closely together to get good coverage (PR) and a lot of it (publicity), or one person may be in charge of both fields. Being a publicist requires several different strengths.

Writing skills will help with the press releases you will draft, an artistic eye will aid in creating press packages with information and photos, and managerial skills will come in handy not only for the campaigns you will be in charge of, but also for the times when your celebrity client is entering rehab for the fifth time that year, or the multi-billion dollar company you speak for has been caught evading taxes.

But representing tabloid darlings or a Fortune 500 company can take quite a bit of time to work up to, so don’t underestimate the value of networking and climbing the publicist ladder. Also, be prepared to put in a lot of long hours, work under deadlines, and be available for comment at all times. Oh, and attend the same swanky parties your clients get to go to.

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