Publications Inspector

Inspect magazines, periodicals, catalogs, pamphlets, and rebound books.

What does a Publications Inspector do?

Inspects magazines, periodicals, catalogs, pamphlets, and rebound books for defects, such as loose, torn, or wrinkled pages, missing staples, incorrect bindings, incorrect book cases, and warped laminated paperback covers: Selects copies of publications from machine or table and examines covers and copies for defects, such as ragged edges, torn or wrinkled pages, incomplete cuts, incorrect bindings, incorrect casing material and color, author(s), titles, call numbers, dirt and glue on covers, and bubbles in laminated covers. Fans pages to detect defects, such as errors in numbering, duplicate pages, color variation and inaccurate registration, ink smears, cut print, missing inserts, and dirty and wrinkled end papers. Notifies operating personnel of defects. Locates and removes defective copies from conveyor, stacking table, or pallets, and disposes of defective publications according to instructions from supervisory personnel. May clean covers and repair defective books, using cloth, cleaning solvent, and variety of handtools and bindery machines. May examine finished books and compare information on worksheet with work performed on books for accuracy and completeness. May stack books on conveyor or table for shipping. May operate machine to print shipping labels for boxes [ADDRESSING-MACHINE OPERATOR 208.582-010].